Google Summer of Code – OTR for KTp

My name is Marcin Ziemiński and I am this year’s GSOC student for KDE Telepathy.
I am currently studying Theoretical Computer Science at Jagiellonian University.

My primary goal for this summer is adding support for OTR protocol in KTp, what will enable both end-to-end encryption of text messages and peer authentication. I believe that thanks to cooperation with my brilliant mentors: David Edmundson and Sandro Knauß, I will introduce a reliable solution without negative effects on user experience.

Prior to the current Google Summer of Code I was playing around with TelepathyQt writing connection managers, however, alienated from the community. I hope that with this project I will contribute significantly to the open-source world.


6 thoughts on “Google Summer of Code – OTR for KTp

  1. Hello.

    If you need any help, get in touch with Kadu team, we had done that before and we may be of some assistance!


  2. I really hope you successfully finish that :-), but no pressure keep calm!
    This is definitely something that will benefit many users!

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